Legal Support If You've Been Hurt In A Slip, Trip Or Fall

Slip and FallA slip-and-fall accident is extremely common and can happen to anybody. It can be as simple as tripping on a carpet and hurting your toe or as devastating as slipping in a pool of water and suffering broken bones or serious spinal damage.

However minor your injury may seem at first, you may still experience pain or other residual damage that can become debilitating over time. In New York, you may be entitled to Workers' Compensation benefits no matter your injury's severity. However, the longer you wait to file your claim, the easier it becomes for the insurance companies to:

  • Deny your claim
  • Reduce your benefits
  • Cut off your medical treatment

With this in mind, retaining an experienced attorney is an essential step to securing the compensation you need to recover.

Knowledgeable And Experienced Workplace Injury Lawyers

The lawyers at Terry Katz & Associates, PC, will advise you of your rights under the law, while ensuring that your Workers' Comp claim is timely and properly submitted.

Serving individuals on Long Island and throughout New York City, we will handle the details of your Workers' Compensation case from start to finish. If the insurance company tries reducing or eliminating your monetary benefits, cutting off your medical treatment or pressuring you to return to work, we have the experience and knowledge to successfully litigate the claim to maximize your recovery.

Exploring All Options To Maximize Your Recovery Options

If a third party — such as a contractor, subcontractor, vendor or another party beyond your employer — caused your accident, you may also be eligible to file a Personal Injury claim. Our lawyers will evaluate your case to identify all potential sources of compensation.

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