Legal Support When You've Been Injured In A Machinery Accident

Industrial Machinery InjuryMost people in the manufacturing industry work with machines every day. Such occupations can be dangerous. A recent report by the New York State Workers' Compensation Board revealed that the industry is responsible for 10.3 percent of all Workers' Compensation claims. Moreover, as machinery-related injuries can occur in many other workplaces, the total number of machinery-related Workers' Compensation claims is actually much higher.

When machinery, tools and equipment cause on-the-job injuries, employees may be eligible for Workers' Compensation benefits. These benefits cover lost wages, medical bills and other expenses. Yet nearly a quarter of initial claims are denied. This makes it critical to have an experienced attorney who focuses on work-related machinery accidents and knows how to obtain restitution.

Experienced Attorneys On Your Side

The lawyers at Terry Katz & Associates, PC, have helped thousands of individuals obtain Workers' Compensation benefits after suffering work-related injuries. We help individuals with injuries such as:

  • Repetitive stress injuries: Examples include carpal tunnel syndrome caused by keyboarding, assembly line work, and repetitive lifting and bending.
  • Vision and hearing loss: Examples include total or partial deafness caused by inadequate ear protection in a factory setting, or vision or hearing loss caused by explosions or other incidents.
  • Fractures, broken bones and amputations: Examples include getting caught in moving machinery or being injured by sudden shutdowns of assembly lines.

If you were injured on-the-job using machinery equipment, we will advise you of your legal rights, ensuring that your Workers' Comp claim is timely and properly submitted, while handling your case effectively from start to finish. If the insurance company tries to reduce or eliminate your monetary benefits, cut off your medical treatment or pressure you to return to work, we have the experience and knowledge to successfully litigate and maximize recovery.

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If you have suffered an injury while using any kind of tool or machine at work, contact our attorneys for a free initial consultation. Let us use our years of experience to help you obtain all the benefits you are entitled to receive.