Hospitals Can Be Dangerous Workplaces

Health care workers are exposed to potential workplace dangers on a daily basis. Their job duties may include lifting and moving patients, working with needles, operating medical equipment, and handling toxic substances. In fact, data from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) indicate that the rate of injury and illness among hospital workers outranks even construction and manufacturing workers, making hospitals one of the most hazardous workplaces.

Health Care Workers May Be At Risk Of Chronic Conditions

Our law firm understands that nurses and other hospital workers might suffer chronic injuries or occupational disease. These injuries might not be traced to a single accident or incident. Rather, heavy lifting of patients, wheelchairs, medical equipment and supplies might take a toll. Back, should and wrist injuries can significantly interfere with your ability to perform your job duties. Their treatment might also require long-term therapies. Without an attorney on your side, seeking workers' compensation benefits for these injuries can be problematic.

We Know How To Work With Your Doctors

Our attorneys will work with your doctors to document your condition. Documentation of your functionality, including diagnostic testing, will be needed as evidence to support your claim. For occupational disease or chronic pain, we will also investigate the physical job requirements in your workplace.

Contact A Skilled Attorney

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