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New York parents with disabled children should know SSD rules

Parents who have children with disabilities know that they face an entirely different set of challenges than other parents. Their children also face other challenges, especially when they reach adulthood. And in a struggling economy, those who live with a disability often have a more difficult time finding steady work than those who are not disabled. Because of this, it's important that parents know the ins and outs of securing Social Security disability benefits.

Social Security disability claims on the rise

Many New York residents are struggling in these economic times. Even as the economy begins to improve, many continue to suffer from joblessness. Unfortunately, some may find themselves unable to ever work again as a result of a disability that they suffer from. In these cases, Social Security disability provides an important means of income.

What not to do when appealing an SSD denial

The rules and regulations relating to Social Security Disability can be very complex and varied. Even when a person seems to meet all the criteria necessary for receiving benefits, a person's request may still be denied. In fact, the Social Security Administration has designed the program in such a way that as much as 70 percent of all initial applications are denied.


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