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Senator pushes for investigation into homes for disabled

Some of our readers may have heard about some frightening reports about maltreatment and abuse at groups homes across the country. Reports in several states, including New York, exposed how people with developmental disabilities have been mistreated and abused in both public and private facilities. In too many cases, death was the result. Now, one U.S. senator is standing up for these individuals and asking the federal government to do the same.

New depression treatment may help the untreatable

Anyone in Queens that is living with depression knows how difficult it can be to function, but for some people, their depression is so severe that they are unable to do anything, much less work. The overwhelming effects of the mental health condition may make it impossible to hold down a job and provide for themselves, making it all the more important to apply for Social Security disability insurance benefits.

Singer calls dealing with bipolar disorder 'all-encompassing'

Many people in New York and across the country suffer from mental illness. For some, it is manageable, but for others, it is debilitating. For the latter, getting up and going to work every day can become impossible. Fortunately, Social Security disability benefits are available to help these people financially. But despite the large number of people who suffer from mental illness, it is not often well-understood by others. One singer, however, recently helped shed some light on his own battle with mental illness.

Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions better

Some say that a new Social Security settlement is important because it brings attention to the plight of the mentally disabled who depend on Social Security benefits to survive on a daily basis. The Social Security Administration agreed on Tuesday, June 19, to a legal settlement with two men who were receiving Social Security disability benefits for mental conditions. The SSA agreed to help the two mentally disabled plaintiffs who reside outside of New York to understand the forms and requirements for receiving benefits.

Young man with qualifying mental conditions fights for benefits

For many, coping with a mental disability is a daily challenge. Finding acceptance in society and trying to fit in at a workplace can be a difficult task, while still maintaining one's self-esteem. Dealing with a Social Security disability claim is the last thing a New York resident with qualifying mental conditions needs to encounter, especially in a struggling job market. Recently, a man, who is in his late 20s, has been pursued by his state unemployment office for what they say is a $3,000 overpayment of benefits as the result of an issue with his disability income.


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