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Do antibiotics contribute to disability rates?

Social Security disability insurance benefits are intended to replace lost wages for people who are no longer able to work and earn a living as they once did because of an illness, injury or condition. Under the Social Security Administration’s guidelines, the condition must render an individual disabled for 12 months or longer. Although a medical diagnosis is helpful evidence, the SSA’s disability examiners will also want to see documentation of the disability’s impact on an individual’s functional abilities.

Is your definition of disability the same as the SSA's?

If you suffer a serious injury or are diagnosed with a debilitating illness, you may think that you are qualified for Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, many people are denied benefits the first time they apply. So how do you know whether you will qualify?

Understanding work credits for Social Security disability

In order for most people to qualify for Social Security disability benefits, they must have worked for some amount of time during their lives. The idea is that because you paid into Social Security while you were working, you are able to benefit from it after suffering a disabling injury or condition that prevents you from working.

Down syndrome registry may provide more insight into the disorder

Down syndrome is a chromosomal disorder that affects many children and adults in New York. Some may know already that many individuals who live with this disorder qualify for Social Security disability insurance. SSDI provides many people with the financial support they need to manage a disorder, injury or illness. Beyond financial support, however, many people crave a deeper understanding of the disability they live with. With the recent release of a new national registry, many people with Down syndrome will be able to do this.

Disabled students to get same sports opportunities says ED

About a month ago we wrote about a team of disabled athletes who compete in sled hockey on Saturdays in Central Park. Their coach, who organized the team, said he hoped to teach his players that an injury or illness doesn't have to be a barrier in their lives. To the satisfaction of many across the country who live with disabilities, his sentiment was recently backed up by the federal Education Department.

Workplaces get safer, but SSD claims still rise

Many people who live in New York City know how vital Social Security disability benefits are. These people have suffered a debilitating injury or illness that prevents them from working. Disability benefits provide them with the financial support they need to get by. Unfortunately, however, some people find ways to scam the system.

SSD benefits program important to those who can no longer work

For many in New York who may have become disabled or injured and found themselves unable to work, seeking assistance under the Social Security disability program is a good option to make financial ends meet. However, SSD benefits can be confusing, and some find that they do not understand exactly what they can expect to receive or how to qualify for the program. This understanding is important so that an injured or ill person can maximize their potential benefit from the disability program.

Saving the disability program

Many people living in Long Island and beyond rely on Social Security disability benefits. In fact, about 11 million Americans rely on Social Security disability benefits after an unexpected illness or injury prevents them from working. Although Congress is focusing their attention on retirement benefits, the numbers suggest they ought to be looking much more closely at disability benefits.


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