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Disability may be more of a risk than American workers realize

Private long-term care insurance is costly, and many workers may feel they have enough comprehensive protection provided by their health insurance and their retirement plan strategy, which may include an individual retirement account and/or a 401(k).

H.I.V. drug shows promise, but may have limitations

Hopefully, the late stages of H.I.V. will someday cease to be a reason why some individuals must seek Social Security disability insurance benefits. In pursuit of that goal, a recent medication shows promise. Called Truvada, the pill is taken daily and may help reduce the risk of H.I.V. contraction.

Do antibiotics contribute to disability rates?

Social Security disability insurance benefits are intended to replace lost wages for people who are no longer able to work and earn a living as they once did because of an illness, injury or condition. Under the Social Security Administration’s guidelines, the condition must render an individual disabled for 12 months or longer. Although a medical diagnosis is helpful evidence, the SSA’s disability examiners will also want to see documentation of the disability’s impact on an individual’s functional abilities.

An explanation of the two earnings tests for disability benefits

Readers of this disability benefits blog should be aware of a key distinction between the eligibility requirements for Social Security disability insurance benefits and Supplement Security Income. Whereas SSDI has a work history requirement, SSI benefits do not. Instead, they are contingent upon low-income eligibility, in addition to the usual requirement of proving the functional incapacitation of one’s disability.

Disability benefits may be possible even with part-time work

Readers of this disability blog know that the Social Security Administration defines a disability as a condition that prevents an individual from working. But does that mean that a disabled worker can’t perform any activity for compensation?

Committee report exposes variances in disability approval rates

To critics who allege that undeserving individuals are receiving disability payments through programs like Social Security disability insurance, a recent article sets the record straight.

Report raises concerns about care provided to veterans

Readers may have heard about the resignation of Eric Shinseki, former United States Secretary of Veterans Affairs. The move is believed to be in response to serious concerns about the treatment provided to service members at Veterans Affairs hospitals. 

Some states are expanding their disability benefits eligibility

Although many Americans acknowledge that they may need a few sick days every year, many may never consider the possibility that accident or illness might render them unable to continue working someday.

Apply for disability benefits after receiving a cancer diagnosis

Cancer may be a risk to people of all ages, but for older Americans, the risk of some types may be greater. Prostate cancer is one example. This type of cancer usually affects men who are middle-aged or older.


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