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April 2014 Archives

Are sheltered workshops outdated or even harmful?

Some people in New York may have heard of sheltered workshops. Initially, sheltered workshops were started as a way to help disabled veterans build important skills that they could eventually apply in other jobs. Employees of sheltered workshops were protected from discrimination and other issues that face disabled workers. While the idea was well-intentioned, it is now seen by some as exploitative.

How the SSA picks Compassionate Allowances and why it's important

Many people in New York know firsthand how long the Social Security disability process can be. It can take months to hear back from SSA officials after submitting a claim. This can be problematic because some people who are seeking disability benefits need financial assistance quickly. For this reason, the Social Security Administration created the Compassionate Allowances program.

Do you have to pay taxes on your SSDI benefits?

Most people in New York and the rest of the country have to pay income taxes. For those who have a single source of income from an employer, filing a tax return is pretty straightforward. For others who have may have multiple sources and types of income, it can be a little more challenging to determine exactly what you owe.

Can your mind put your body at ease?

Chronic pain affects millions of people in this country. Many people in New York probably know what it is like to live with severe pain. Trying treatment after treatment, hoping the next one will work can be frustrating and exhausting. As some people who receive Social Security disability benefits know, the pain can be enough to prevent you from working. 


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