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February 2013 Archives

People with disabilities no longer have to prove 'job readiness'

When a person in New York who does not have a disability applies for a job with the federal government, he or she usually has to submit a resume that details their education, experience and other skills that may be relative to the job. For people with disabilities, however, things have been different. Along with a resume of accomplishments and work history, they have had to provide a statement from a doctor or disability benefits agency to prove their "job readiness." Fortunately for those who feel this is unfair, that process has been eliminated.

Can the Compassionate Allowances list help you?

Many people in New York know how long it can take to get a response from the Social Security Administration about a request for disability benefits. It is why the SSA recommends people file a claim as soon as they know they will need Social Security disability. Some people, however, do not have time to waste when it comes to getting financial help. Fortunately for these people, the Compassionate Allowances list exists.

'Mental retardation' may be out of use soon, says SSA

"Mental retardation" is a term we all know. But we also know that it often carries negative connotations. Despite this, the Social Security Administration has continued to use the term in its Listing of Impairments and in other policy documentation. It's not hard to see how people in New York and elsewhere who apply for disability benefits may feel disrespected to see this term used regularly by the SSA. Fortunately, that may be changing soon.

Medicaid delays hinder lives of disabled

Disabilities take a variety of different shapes. Some are mental, some are caused by illness, and still some are physical, requiring people to rely on equipment like wheelchairs. When disabled individuals rely so heavily on a device to live, things can get very difficult if that device breaks. For Medicaid patients, a broken wheelchair or other device can mean weeks of having to cope before anything is fixed or replaced.


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