Construction Accidents Are On The Rise

Construction Accidents As the construction of new housing units in New York has maintained a record pace in recent years, the number of construction accidents has increased sharply. An average year yields roughly 200 injuries; in 2015, more than 450 workers and pedestrians were hurt. According to the Building Trades Employers' Association, construction is the second-most dangerous industry to work in the U.S.

Contractors and property owners are required to carry insurance that will cover the costs of any injuries that take place on their sites. But the compensation victims receive is often inadequate. Insurers are quick to contest claims and settle them for less than their full value. Individuals routinely have insufficient financial support to make up for their hospital bills, doctors' fees, lost income and related considerations.

We are here to help.

Obtaining The Compensation You Need To Recover

For more than 30 years, the attorneys at Terry Katz & Associates, PC, have provided legal counsel to individuals in New York City and Nassau County injured in construction accidents. Whether you are a contractor, subcontractor or pedestrian, we offer assistance for a comprehensive range of considerations, including:

  • Slips
  • Falls from scaffolding or improperly secured ladders
  • Falling machinery, materials and debris
  • Collapses of machinery
  • Collapses of flooring
  • Burns stemming from explosions and chemicals

No matter the circumstances of your injury, we will work rigorously to pursue maximum restitution.

Supplementing Your Personal Injury Claim

Many construction accidents involve worksite employees. In such cases, individuals can — and should — file for Workers' Compensation benefits in addition to their Personal Injury claims. If the injury renders an individual unable to work for a period of six months or longer, individuals can pursue Social Security Disability (SSD) as well.

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